PaaSPallet as a Service

A sustainable pallet system

Our business model is based on a few simple ideas. We provide a high level of service to increase cost-effectiveness, give you full control over your flow of pallets and improve your environmental performance.


Hire the number you need

We will help you to calculate the number of pallets you need. By renting the right number, we can help you to streamline your pallet costs, reduce the number of returns and create more space in your warehouses – and in many cases, shops.


Full control and reduced costs

DACA’s pallet solution gives you a fixed monthly rental charge and a complete overview of the cost of your pallet flows. No unforeseen expenses or uncertainty in the process.

In most cases, costs can be cut because the number of pallets can be reduced. The need for processing and administration also shrinks because our plastic pallets last longer and all of the costs are built into the rental charge. The pallet is designed with runners, but it is still stackable which means it is rigid and durable while taking up to 50% less space than conventional wooden pallets.


Quality control

Our pallet solution does away with all processing, uncertainty and arbitrary judgment when it comes to classification. It gives you full control over your costs, and having your own pallets also reduces the risk of wastage because the pallet is marked with your logo to make it harder to include in a different pallet flow.


High level of service

Worn pallets are replaced all the time completely free of charge, so you always have usable pallets in your system. The old pallets are recycled and made into new ones which go back into the system.



Sustainability is the cornerstone of our business concept. The light weight and space-saving design of the plastic pallet mean that we can help you to reduce carbon dioxide emissions, cut the number of shipments of empty pallets and limit the amount of waste.

The DACA pallet is made of HDPE, which can be recycled up to ten times. Each cycle takes in material from recycled pallets, giving the pallet a total service life of over ten years. When the material is finally spent it can be made into other products or incinerated to recover energy.


Great potential savings

The cost of hiring a DACA pallet for a month is less than the total cost of a wooden pallet for a single journey. As a customer, you will always have usable pallets and full control over your costs. No capital investment, no repair costs and no scrapping charges. And also lower administrative costs.